I am a tenacious author, passionate about one genre alone – Fantasy. I am obsessed with it, even devoting a room in my apartment when I was single to Lord of the Rings. But, those days are long behind me. Or so I thought. Instead of posters, gothic décor and fur rugs, I now I turn that passion into multi-layered characters, cool worlds that invite you in and offer them for your reading enjoyment!

Because I am a versatile author, I tend to spin tales that range from spicy hot romances (erotica) to main stream G Rated epic tales. The genre of Fantasy is broad and you will see, I’ve got a few stories to share.

Now…go read!

Go grab a fresh cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy. I am sure you will laugh, cry, or condemn each and every character. I’ve been known to force readers to grab a tissue (or two) because I create strong characters that have emotional scars who are all on a touching journey of redemption. I’ve enjoyed the numerous emails I’ve received over the years telling me how much my stories have affected them, and if you are new to my work, I hope they affect you, too.

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